Thursday, April 4, 2013

#AtoZchallenge - You deserve a Do-Over today!

Fitness resides in the land of infinite do-overs.

While it's common to hear the phase, "No do-overs!!" called out across the school playground everyday, especially when Four Square is involved, the land of healthy living is much more lenient.

There are those that believe fitness goals can only be super-charged when the new year rolls around -- just what is it about January 1st that sends so many people into a goal-creating frenzy?? Or perhaps even when the new week starts; I've played victim to this one -- "Bah, I'll just start (over) on Monday." But the great thing about deciding to live a healthful life is you can start (and restart) any time you want.

Fitness is the land of infinite do-overs because instead of geting just one shot, each person can decide for themself moment by moment how to build a healthier life. There is no last chance gas station hiding in the desert, no final pitch with the bases loaded. We each get unending second chances to win the game.

So next time you feel like you've ruined it all -- there is no hope because you've eaten one too many donuts or it's been too many years (if ever!) since your last workout -- just remember, you deserve a do-over today.

What's yours going to be?

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