Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#AtoZchallenge - Hormones for Dummies

How to Get Hormone Happy (and lose weight, too!)

I think we often forget that our heads are attached to our bodies. Sure, I know that sounds crazy -- but think about it. How often do you take a second glance at the food you are about to chow down on and think about how it will effect your brain? And if it effects your brain, it effects your belly and you blood and just about everything else in your body.

Dude. I just alliterated the hell out of that sentence.

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A few years ago I started thinking I might be going into some whacked out version of early menopause. Suffice it to say, I was freaked smooth out. Luckily my sister has an amazing midwife, so after consulting with her (and by consult, what I really mean is: after crying and whining and generally acting as if my life were ending, while she listened and wisely gave encouragement and advice) I decided to try a few changes in lifestyle before running off to the doctor and ordering up a side of hormones to go with my crazyfest.

In case you're curious, I was exhausted all the time, emotional, having serious acne issues, among other things. It was basically like being a teenager all over again, but without the uh... perks.

I read everything I could find on hormone imbalances caused by our environment and started making small changes. I even went out and bought a Progesterone cream to combat my wacky hormone party.

The changes were amazing.

By switching to grass-fed lean meats, being aware of factors in the environment that could spin estrogen levels awry, making sure I found at least a little time to workout each day, and adding the nighttime progesterone cream, I actually started feeling better.

Sleeping better.
Eating less.
Having more energy!

It was like finding one of those miracle pills everyone is always searching for. But all it really took was some information and a desire to have a more harmonious relationship with my hormones.

And since I'm not all sciency, here's a great article to read if you're looking for more info and book recs!

Happy Hormones!

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