Friday, April 26, 2013

#AtoZchallenge Drink More Water Challenge!

Challenge - Drink More Water!

I used to be a total water drinking nut. I'm not proud of getting out of the habit, because I know all the great benefits from filling up with plenty of water each day. If you aren't savvy to the many reasons your body is craving water even when you're jonesin' for coffee and soda, check this out:

So I figured, what better way to get back into the habit than to have a water guzzling challenge? Seems legit to me. And no better time than now, since I'm back heavy on the workout train and stressing about a gazillionty different things at home and work -- my brain and my body need all the help they can get! It's time for a one week water drinking challenge!

Since I like to have apps for pretty much everything in my life, I hopped around Google and found a free app called Waterlogged. Of course I immediately downloaded it, but then I also found this chick's blog. She recommends the same app, but also reviewed a .99 cent app called Plant Nanny, which lets you grow a cute little plant through your water logging efforts. I'm all about cute and having fun, so I decided I needed it too! You should hop on over to her blog and check out her in-depth look at these apps.

Now that I have not one, but two mighty apps to make my water drinking challenge a little more fun, I figure I'll use both for one week to see how it changes my water consumption. I'm starting my challenge tomorrow with the goal of drinking 100 ounces of water a day. Since I've been lucky to get in 50 ounces a day, I think this is a pretty decent goal and hope it will get me back in the right habit.

Next Saturday I'll post an app review and update on how I did for the week. Who's ready to join me and up your water intake for one week?

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