About the Merry-go-Round

We've all been there. Spinning round, out of control, waiting for the ride to come to an end. When Jes and I talked about the viscous cycle of falling in and out of the good habits that mean so much to us, that was the term she used -- she wanted to get off the merry-go-round.

And honestly, so do I. So do dozens of other men and women I know.

We know the right habits to create: eat, play, sleep.

We know all about running and lifting and fueling our bodies with good nutriton.

But knowing and doing are sometimes very difficult companions to keep together.

This blog is about two friends that are determined to help each other meld what we know with what we do.

It's about the power of community and accountability, and not being ashamed to admit when we stumble.

But maybe most importantly, it's about being honest with ourselves and learning as we go.