Sunday, June 2, 2013

BodyFX 30 Day Challenge & Whole30 Shakedown!

Let's get real, shall we?

Well hello, gorgeous.
Youch. Here I am, in all my makeup-free glory. Day 1 on my BodyFX and Whole30 challenge. My skin has been such a disaster fest recently, I thought it would interesting to track any changes throughout the month. Honestly, if I can just get rid of the bright red zit that has recently taken up residence directly between my eyebrows, I'll be happy. So anyway, you can look forward to these weekly little pretties to track exactly what happens when a gal goes grain and sugar free!

Hold up -- that's worth repeating! No grain! No sugar! No dairy! What am I thinking?!

Actually, I'm thinking I just cannot go one more day feeling the way I do. My clothes don't fit. I'm exhausted. I'm waaaay over-emotional. (Just ask the hubs, he'll tell you!) Also, I'm fairly certain that the way I've been living has made me dumb(er). No, seriously. If you are what you eat, and all our cells renew themselves based on the foods we feed our bodies, then I've just been killing off brain cells left and right -- and that must stop.

Lucky for me, our plan to kickoff a Whole30 challenge for ourselves is coinciding with the BodyFX 30 Day challenge! Huzzah! Now I have extra motivation and the chance to win a trip to San Diego to share my transformation story. Win-win-win, I say.

And I'm pretty stoked that the hubs has decided to join me on this journey. It's been far too easy lately to agree to his desire to grab ice cream late at night or swing by the local Mexican restaurant for nachos and margaritas when we don't feel like cooking.

No more! This morning we started our cleanse with CleanseFX and I got my first taste of ProteinFX, which is DELICIOUS mixed with almond milk and all natural peanut butter! Tonight we threw out all the junk and bought a ton of fresh produce and grass-fed meats. I even found a sweet website to help find Whole30 recipes and build my grocery list! More on that later.

So -- Day 1, feeling great. No headaches, no insane hunger fits -- just sipping water all day, snacking on whole foods, and preparing for the coming week. Wish us strength -- because luck has nothing to do with it!

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