Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#AtoZchallenge Be Unstoppable!

JNL Fusion TKO Blast - This Girl is Unstoppable Now!

Today was another long day at work and after! But I promised myself a better day, and promises are important! Especially the ones we make to ourselves.

Even though it was another day getting home late, I popped my JNL Fusion TKO Blast DVD in and got to work! I love kickboxing, so this was a great workout for a day with low motivation. Since the workouts are only 30 minutes, and doesn't require any drive time to and from a gym, the time factor was perfect too. JNL keeps a great pace, and doing the workout with my husband was pretty funny. We keep each other going with plenty of trash talking, laughing, and even had a little mock sparring going on with all the boxing moves!

After I got my bootie kicked with the TKO Blast video, I popped in the Stretch video and thoroughly enjoyed the next 30 minutes of stretching out all my tight and sore muscles. I have been needing this for a while! A great wind down to a very busy few days.

And since yesterday was such a bashing, making sure I did things right for myself today makes me feel unstoppable. It would have been easy to just tell myself I could workout tomorrow. But I have big dreams! Making the extra effort on a day when I'm feeling less than motivated will keep me on the right path.

What have you done lately to make yourself feel unstoppable?

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