Thursday, April 25, 2013

#AtoZchallenge Victory!

Today I came home ready to jump into my workout clothes and kill some fat! Unfortunately, my husband wanted to wait, and as the night went on my motivation flopped.

However! Later on in the evening he came into the living room and started up the JNL Fusion Bicep Builder DVD. Not to be outdone, I hopped up and got ready to get to work. 

The first two circuits went by fairly easily and I was thinking this was going to be another fast and furious workout like yesterday -- all fun! Yikes. We hit circuit three and started getting into all sorts of crazy pushup variations. By the end of the 30 minutes I was a sweaty mess and my arms were completely spent.  I crumpled onto the floor and lay there hoping someone would magically transport me to bed.

No such luck - but, this is a fabulous victory! It's Thursday night of a very strenuous work week and I have kicked my workout routine into gear. I'm excited about where I'm headed as a BodyFX coach and eager to see the transformation my body goes through with these killer workouts. I could have folded up and gone to bed without a workout tonight, but now I have one more victory to take pride in!

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