Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#AtoZchallenge Create Opportunities for Success

Seek Opportunity

Recently I read a post in one of my FaceBook fitness groups written by a woman struggling to find hope. She listed the reasons for her hopelessness -- all the things going on in her life that made weight loss feel beyond her reach.

I've definitely been there. Busy days, stress, social gatherings, lack of support; all these things, and more, add up to quickly make us feel like our goals are always dangling in front of us but never attainable.

What has helped me the most is learning that the question of living a fit life is answered in mindset and efficiently managing my life. I tend to be a terrible procrastinator, but when it comes to my health, that's one place I simply can't afford to let slide.

So I create opportunities for success. Throughout the day, I remind myself to seek the opportunity to create healthy choices. This might mean choosing fruit over M&M's, or turn off the TV and get an extra hour of sleep. It might mean running somewhere instead of walking, or using commercial breaks to get in a set of crunches. It might mean busting out 100 squats while I wait for dinner to cook or simply taking a minute to meditate quietly and refocus my thoughts when I find that rare moment alone. It definitely means setting aside time every Sunday to shop, prep, and cook the healthy meals and snacks I plan to eat throughout the week.

Seeking opportunity in little places, and reminding myself all day long to keep hunting down those moments, keeps my mind focused on what matters.

There is little else more important than your health. Our bodies and our health are irreplaceable.  You may not be in a place where you can commit to six workouts a week and a 100% clean eating plan. But everyone can seek opportunity to choose better. Everyone can make little changes. And all those little changes will amount to something big.

And you're worth it. You deserve all the happiness the universe has to offer.

What healthy opportunities have you created for yourself lately?

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