Monday, April 15, 2013

#AtoZchallenge - Why Choose a Metabolic Workout?

Metabolic Wow Factor with JNL Fusion

You guys! I was super bummed because I thought my JNL Fusion DVDs were going to be sitting on my doorstep when I got home from work today. It was a rough day and I couldn't wait to jump out of my car and grab those DVDs.

Sadly, I arrived home to an empty doorstep. I went inside, plopped down on the couch and started fantasizing about burgers and fries.

Even though there was some delicious salmon waiting in my fridge. I was pouting.

But wait! There's more! At nearly 7:00 tonight, there was a knock at the door. I ran to the door, flung it open, and found my beautiful box of DVDs waiting for me.

"Thank you!!" I yelled to my friendly UPS driver, who was already back at his truck. He laughed and yelled a thanks back to me, and I bounced into the house to show off our awesome boxes of happiness to my husband.

Super excited to get my Fusion on!
The reason I'm so pumped about these workouts is pretty simple -- one, they're metabolic in nature. This is my favorite type of workout. Fast and furious, baby! 30 seconds of weights followed immediately by 30 seconds of plyo-style cardio. You are engaging muscles all over the place, burning away the fat, and you're done in 30 minutes. Bye-bye steady state cardio!! Another great benefit to this type of workout is it seriously revs your metabolism. Do a high-intensity circuit of weights and cardio in the morning, and that workout will keep your body rockin' away the calories all day. And I don't know about you, but I want my fat burning ability to be super-charged all day. I'm a fat killer, and proud of it!

So, metabolic workout = metabolism bonus! Yay!

Because my DVDs came so late in the day, I didn't take the time to do measurements and get all my pics ready to post. I'll measure in the morning before I do my second workout in the JNL Fusion set. At the end of the week I'll post a review of the first 6 workouts, and I'll have all my starting stats posted in the sidebar.

Today's workout was the Shoulder Shredder, and it was a-maz-ing. I loved the modifications shown throughout the workout -- definitely helped me find the right pace. I was sweating within the first 5 minutes. By the end of the 30 minutes, by arms and legs were spent. Great workout, and left me plenty of time to go cook that salmon, afterall!

You'll notice I'm holding two boxes of DVD's in my pic! Since I signed up with BodyFX as a Coach, I also received the Figure 8 workout set. I didn't have time to check them out today, but I'm excited to try them out as well -- and soon!

Loving my new journey to my healthiest body ever. Loving these metabolic fat busting workouts! Loving where I'm headed. And right now, that's to bed! I need my rest so I can get right back at it tomorrow.

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