Saturday, April 27, 2013

#AtoZchallenge Why I'm Excited About BodyFX

10 Exciting things about BodyFX

Life is hard. Work, stress, money, and just the general busy lifestyle we all live can easily get you down. It's important to take time to remember what you're excited about. And right now, I have many reasons to get excited!

So, a list:
  1. Being a BodyFX Founding Charter Coach! Check out my prelaunch website here.
  2. Triple leads from the company in May and June will help me build my organization big and strong.
  3. The JNL Fusion workouts are kicking my butt and keeping me excited about moving my body every day.
  4. Working this business every day and working out every day with my husband. It's great to have this to share with him. We're getting healthy and making money together!
  5. Motivating other women and men to get healthy and change their lives. 
  6. Sharing this opportunity with my friends and family so we can all benefit physically and financially.
  7. The amazingly clean nutritional supplements BodyFX has created. You can check out the ingredients here.
  8. This blog, which lets me be accountable about my fitness journey and share a little motivation along the way.
  9. Being on one of the biggest and best teams in BodyFX, led by two fitness and social media divas - The Sweaty Betties and Train Dirty Fitness.
  10. Big dreams of financial freedom being a reality within the next year!

If you haven't heard of BodyFX yet, watch out! We launch on May 4, and I can't wait to get this party started. I am excited to see where this journey takes us in the next few months!

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